elCASC (Urban and Socio Cultural Renewal Festival acronym in Spanish) is an artistic festival celebrated at the historical disctrict of Villena and organized by el fabricante de espheras, Villena’s Town Council & the University of Alicante.

The festival consists in the development of a serie of MULTIDISCIPLINARY WORKSHOPS AND ACTIVITIES to devise and deliver low-cost architectural, artistic and socio-cultural interventions that can be seen as a reference for the future urban development of the city.

The event inteds to stablish itself as a PARTICIPATIVE TOOL for the city, dedicated to investigate and intervene on the urban and social structure of the historical district.

The festival elCASC intends to coordinate and involve all the stakeholders related to the URBAN PLANNING prooving the importance of an optimal stakeholder and resource coordination.

elCASC tries to involve people through participative activities that take place in the street, improving the spreading and the awareness of the importance of the neighbors in the constructions of their city.

The coordinated development of the multidisciplinary activities offer an INTEGRAL VISION of the complex situation of the city. The event shows a precise local reality thanks to its ongoing revision through the different editions.

One of the most important features of the event is the SOCIAL link that every planning or urban development should take into account, setting the integration as a basic parameter.

In 2014, different european and international urban planning schools and associations, recognised elCASC with the Young Planning Professionals Award. This award prooves the festival as an innovative, integral and practical tool really usefull for the urban planning because of its ability to bring together, coordinate and involve al the urban stakeholders.

In 2015, the architect’s association of the Valencian community gave elCASC the Solidary COACV award, recognizing the social labour of the festival.